stuntin like my daddy

stuntin like my daddy

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

first haloween

happy haloween everyone! well i just turned exactly one month old this week! i made it through my first month just fine and i have met soo many important people that will be a part of my life! i love them all...i wanna say thanks to uncle dee-zung for coming all the way from mexico to come see me on friday...your super cool! and thanks uncle san for the baby shoes you brought me on sunday

today mommy and daddy took me to a fall festival at st. vincent de paul...i slept most of the time but everyone else had fun...when we got home uncle bryan, auntie erika, and tessa came by to are some pics from my first haloween:

mommy and i



ima pumkin

nick and matt
bella and i


samurai syd

mommy and tessa

we swapped families

tessa and i

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Auntie Nhi from Toronto said...

Ohhhh! What cuties, be sure to invite Nick and Bella to play with Zaina when she visits. Zaina will enjoy the kids.

Nhi from Toronto