stuntin like my daddy

stuntin like my daddy

Friday, October 31, 2008

winner...winner...chicken dinner!

and the 2008 pumpkin carving champ is daddy! we had a great turn out at the voting polls...and boy was it a close race! here are the results:

daddy - shogun - 6 votes
the trans - dora - 5 votes
uncle john - dragon - 5 votes
mommy\me - spider web - 5 votes
aunt bev\reagan witch brew - 5 votes
uncle peter\lauren - crossbones - 4 votes
uncle ha - darth vader - 1 vote

since we had soo much fun...daddy is already planning the 2009 get your carving skills all have exactly one year to the mean time go vote for my buddy collins carving contest here

congrats daddy!

louie and i are getting ready for some trick or treating

fred flinstone x snow white

happy halloween!

fred "twinkle toes" flinstone

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

yabba dabba doo!

since this is halloween week...we all got to come to gym class dressed up in our costumes! i came as fred flinstone! my co vy made me this awesome costume...i think it was the coolest costume in class! thanks co vy...i love you!

yabba dabba doo!

parachute fun!

trick or treat!

kinleigh the octopus vs vincent mouse

i love parachute time at the little gym

one more thing if you haven't voted yet for the best pumpkin carving from my last post click here...only a couple more days left to announce the winner!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

2nd annual pumpkin carving contest

so we had our second annual pumpkin carving contest yesterday...if you guys recall...last year mommy and daddy carved a picture of me and called it the "vin-o-lantern" this year we had a couple more entrys...the contestant\teams were uncle peter\lauren, aunt bev\reagan, mommy\me, the trans, daddy, uncle ha, and uncle john! this year we are really gonna need your help with the judging...please post a comment and let us know which one you like best..

only one entry per person please...the deadline will be this coming friday october keep it fair we will not post who did which pumpkin till we tally the rock the vote please!

the winner will get their picture posted on my blog!!!


darth vader



dora the explorer

spider web


check out a slideshow of the carving party

Thursday, October 23, 2008

mouse vs scarecrow

last year around this time mommy and daddy took me to see my first pumpkin patch...i was barely a month we got to go to the same pumpkin patch...there we picked out a couple of pumpkins so we can carve this weekend...i can't wait for that! mommy and daddy have been looking for a cool haloween costume for me but they can't decide on what they want for me to wear...leave me a comment and give me some ideas or let me know what your gonna be!

last year

pumpkins everywhere!

pumpkin minis

mouse vs scarecrow

Sunday, October 19, 2008

another busy weekend

what a weekend! mommy and i started our weekend a bit early this week...first i got to go visit the lee girls up in frisco...then i got to see some of my friends in dallas...i also attended a wedding rehearsal for chu bao and co trang...daddy was a part of their wedding party so i got to enjoy all of the fun festivities!

lee girls

chillin with the homies

chu ct and chu vi

co trang and i

congrats chu bao and co trang!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

welcome home

for those who don't know mommy was out of town for work from monday night till tonight...she is finally home now! boy did i miss her! this was the first time that i have been away from mommy for that long! while she was out i got to spend time with daddy, ong/ba noi, co vy, na-nay, and ta-tay...i had a good time but i missed mommy bunches! its good to have you home mommy!

elmo live!

thanks drew bear for my hotrod!

im naked at the dr's office!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

happy birthday ta-tay!

hope you had a good one ta-tay!

Monday, October 13, 2008

the jensens

hey everyone! our little family has been pretty busy lately...with our busy schedule we finally found some time to visit a couple of daddy's good friends tom and sandra jensen...i call them grandpa and grandma jensen...

check out the video grandpa jensen made of our visit:

Saturday, October 4, 2008


so far baltimore is great! the weather here is we got to go to the harbor and ate yummy crab cakes...we just got home from auntie katrina and uncle adam's wedding...i had good time there! i got to eat wedding cake and even danced a lil...well its super late so ill update everyone some more when we get back...

love vincent mouse

inner harbor

ta-tay your so funny!

dressed to impress

ready to partay!

daddy and i

mj and kc loves to dance

tito eric and sydney

mommy and i getting ready to dance

we get down!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

first cut

i got my first hair cut yesterday! thanks to chu bao...i am looking super fly! daddy still thinks my hair is still a lil too long...but mommy and i love it! thanks again uncle pete!

i dont have any pictures of the finished product yet...but ill post them as soon as daddy takes some pictures!

well we are leaving once again...this time we are spending the weekend in baltimore...will update everyone once we get there...but for now i gotta get ready for bed...till next time...


vincent mouse

chu bao in action

trim a lil here

and a lil there