stuntin like my daddy

stuntin like my daddy

Sunday, February 22, 2009

fun weekend

i got to go to 2 birthday parties this weekend! first was chasity's birthday at an indoor swimming facility then today we got to go to sydney's birthday at a park! i had alot of fun swimming and playing at the park! after the park chu bao, co trang, and uncle moon coon came over to hang out...chu bao gave me a much needed hair cut...oh yea and i got to meet chu bao and co trangs new puppy tank too!

happy birthday syds!

yummy cake

tank duong!

thanks chu bao for the new do

faux hawk

uncle moon coon

Saturday, February 21, 2009


my buddy reagan dinh had a birthday this past week...i got to come over the other day to eat and have some yummy ice cream cake! well hope you had a good birthday reagie!

bday girl vs the le's

lauren loves me!

"laur-laur" drew this picture of me!

fun at the park

we have had some awesome weather this past after work one day mommy and daddy took me to the park...i had a great time walking louie in the trail...and playing with the other kids...mommy and daddy said they will take me more often when the time changes for daylight savings time...till next time...i hope everyone has a good weekend!

vincent mouse

hurry up guys!

where is daddy?


i heart "wee wee"

best buds

we slide

"wee wee" slide

the kids love "wee wee"

skateboarding looks fun!

who's shadow is that?

rockin robin

saturday morning fun

Sunday, February 15, 2009

valentines day

i hope everyone had a good valentines day! as for us we had a pretty fun day yesterday! mommy and daddy took me to the dallas world aquarium...there i got to see lots and lots of fishies...and different types of birds! i even got to feed a baby toucan!

cheerios for breakfast

mommy, will you be my valentine?

tweet tweet

mouse vs manatee

fish face


froggy x mouse

Monday, February 9, 2009

dance with me

hey everyone! sorry about the lacking of posts...i have been pretty sick for the past week or so...found out i had an ear infection! i was so sick i had to miss my buddy RMD's bday...sorry reiken ill make it up to you k? anyhow...i am feeling much better now! i hope to see everyone the meantime check out my latest video:

chris brown x elmo x vincent mouse