stuntin like my daddy

stuntin like my daddy

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

no bottles for me!

daddy counted up all the bottles that they have tried to feed me...i have tried a total of 9 different bottles and one sippy cup. I like the sippy cup when i drink my water or juice, but them bottles are not for me!

last night i had a rough night...i have a runny nose again and it makes it hard for me to breath at night...i hope i get over it soon! and so does mommy! well im off to the little gym...ill see ya when i see ya


vincent mouse

bottles come in many shapes and sizes!

mouse X turtle

helping mommy test out her products

7 month old twinkle toes

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

7 months

one more week and ill be exactly 7 months old! how time flys by when your having far life is good...i got the best parents a boy can have...i have a puppy that loves me super! i can't believe that 7 months has gone by and i have learned to do soo much. i can sit up on my own, i love to laugh and giggle at every thing, i can roll over from tummy to back, then from back to tummy, i can eat table food along with baby food...mommy feeds me real potatoes, rice, carrots, green beans, and many more...well im getting sleepy ill get with yall later!


vincent mouse

bath time!

daddy styles my hair

Sunday, April 20, 2008

home sweet home

im back home! my first lil vacation was super fun! i got to see and do alot of things...i can't wait to go back and visit again. many thanks to the sweckers and chu vi for showing us a good time!

meet the sweckers

teddy swecker

drew and i waiting for the parents

co susan and me!

my first bus ride

"do you think about me now and then?"

good to be home

Saturday, April 19, 2008

day 4 chicago

today we got a lil taste of the city! we got to go to breakfast with with co susan and baby drew...then we walked around downtown for a bit...daddy got to go to one of his shoe stores...after all that we went back to the condo to rest for a bit...we also went to chu vi's apartment and got to go to chinatown!!!

personalized pajama's from co thao and chu danny!

feeding baby drew

mommy, myself, and the sears tower

ima city boy!

ima golden pig baby

co susan and my new buddy

Friday, April 18, 2008

day 3 chicago

greetings friends and family! i am finally in chicago...this past week we stayed in a town called waukegan (thats where mommy works at) daddy and i hung out the whole time and had lots of last night after mommy got off work we drove into the took us almost 2 hours because of the traffic!! i got hungry so mommy fed me oatmeal in the car...when we got to the sweckers susan had cooked us dinner! we had yummy ribeye steaks with twice baked potatoes and grilled asparagus...i got to meet baby drew...he slept the whole time...i cant wait to see whats in store for today in the windy city!

vincent mouse wearing mickey mouse

baby drew let me use his boppy

peek a boo i see you!

chu vi and i

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

day 2 chicago

today was a relaxing day...daddy and i pretty much hung out in the room all day i slept, played, ate, and made dirty diapers...we did run out to target to pick up some stuff really quick but thats all...we are going into the city tomorrow and i cant wait to get to meet the sweckers, chu vi, and my new buddy andrew!

one more thing, its my ba noi's birthday today! happy birthday ba noi...i love you!!!

hanging out with daddy


i got tired after breakfast and took a 2 hour nap

i still hate the daddy has to resort to this!

who needs a bottle when you have real food!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

day 1 chicago

i made it! and i did super good on the airplane! it hurt my ears a lil as we were landing...but mommy fed me and i was a-okay! today i hung out with daddy...between naps and feedings...we got alot done...went to do some grocery shopping at walmart in the morning...during lunch we went to white castle and got to go to a sneaker store called beau monde shoes...all in all it was a fun day i cant wait for mommy to come home so we can go explore some more...

first plane ride!

waiting for mommy while she gets the rental

daddy and mouse goes to white castle!

they didn't have any shoes for me =(

Monday, April 14, 2008

windy city here we come!

hey everyone mouse here! im sitting here at the airport with mommy and daddy and we are getting ready to take my first trip out of state! we will be flying to chicago! mommy has training in chicago this week and daddy and i are going to hang out while she is working...then we are gonna go visit with the sweckers, baby andrew, and chu vi...i really hope i like the airplane...mommy is worried that i wont like it...but i think ill be fine...ill let you guys know if i like it or not!

mommy and i packing for the trip

packing is alot of work!

ready or not here i come!

Friday, April 11, 2008

sleep over

its friday! and my anh nick came over to spend the night with us tonight! we are having soo much fun! well ima go play before bed...ill update everyone soon!

playing with daddy while anh nick is taking a bath

helping mommy cook dinner

anh nick can put on his own pants!

Sunday, April 6, 2008


wow what a weekend!my family and i were super busy this weekend...first we went to aunt endren and uncle cao hiens baby shower in dallas, then off to frisco to see baby jake at uncle tuan and aunt danas house, and on sunday visited with baby jonah at chu map and co jamies place,we then went back up to frisco because tessa's lil sister decided to come out early!!! welcome to earth baby avery! well im gonna catch some z's now...



hook' em horns!

sydney gets all the fellas

hey jonah...your dad gives good piggy backs


jake is stuntin' like his daddy

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

new friends

i wanna welcome baby jonah and baby jacob to earth...i have been to the hospital 2 times this past week to welcome my new friends...first baby jonah who was born on March 24th next came my cousin anh jacob born on april fools day! well its almost bath time ill smell ya later!


vinny mouse

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