stuntin like my daddy

stuntin like my daddy

Monday, April 14, 2008

windy city here we come!

hey everyone mouse here! im sitting here at the airport with mommy and daddy and we are getting ready to take my first trip out of state! we will be flying to chicago! mommy has training in chicago this week and daddy and i are going to hang out while she is working...then we are gonna go visit with the sweckers, baby andrew, and chu vi...i really hope i like the airplane...mommy is worried that i wont like it...but i think ill be fine...ill let you guys know if i like it or not!

mommy and i packing for the trip

packing is alot of work!

ready or not here i come!


reiken said...

so fun! wish we could come too! tell the sweckers and chu vi we all said hi and kiss baby drew for us!!

E&C said...

hope you had a good flight and were a good boy! we can't wait to hear about your first vacation!