stuntin like my daddy

stuntin like my daddy

Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween!

so we had our 3rd annual pumpkin carving contest a lil late this year..but we made it just in time for halloween! this time we only had 3 contestants, we really had 4 but auntie bev had technical difficulties! i cant believe we have been doing this thing for 3 years now...we were supposed to make this event bigger and better this year but mommy and daddy was really busy this month so we didn't plan it too well...check out the 1st carving contest and the 2nd annual carving contest...after carving the pumpkins we all went trick or treating around the was my first time actually trick or treating...i had a good time!

i painted another pumpkin

sydney and lauren


all the kids painted pumpkins

auntie bev

co vy made me this cool astro boy outfit but i didn't wanna wear it!

co vy and lauren as crayons

trick or treat!

m and m's get all the ladies!

first house

jack o lantern!

nate dog

lauren loves me!

hello mr knight!


got tired at the end of the night

Fur Face Boy



please leave a comment and vote for best pumpkin!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

mainstay farm

this past weekend mommy and daddy took me to mainstay farm's pumpkin patch! it was sooo much fun! there i got to see goats and donkeys...i got to jump in hay, ride in a hay ride and got to see a super cool tree house!

i found my pumpkin!

a baby one!

mommy and i chilling

donkeys go hee haw!


running to daddy!

our guide

hay ride!

look at this hillbillies teeth!

now look at my teeth!

tree house


the tree is making funny faces

hi daddy!


lunch time

painting a pumpkin!


mainstay farm!

this is my halloween costume!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

zaina x kkd x mouse

the other day i had a video chat session with my cousins from canada! i sang to them and they listened! i love being able to chat with people on daddy's let me know if yall ever wanna chat with me!

i sang for my cousins!

happy birthday ta-tay!

my ta-tay's birthday was a couple of weeks ago...i hope you had a good one ta-tay! i love you!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

trick or treat practice

since halloween is just around the corner...chu ha, co vy, mommy, and daddy showed me how to trick or treat yesterday...we had to do it a couple of times before i got the idea...i can't wait to go trick or treating it'll me my first time going around the neighborhood!

trick or treat!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

birthday party

after the day at the dog park..we had a birthday swim party for me! all of my friends and family showed up...we all had a good time! thanks to everyone that came out and for all of my gifts! daddy says i am the most spoiled boy in the world...i think its true!

till next time,
love vincent mouse!

future phelps


baywatch sydney

dinh girls


nate dog



fetelsana girls

mommy and i

lauren and i

cydnee and the froggie


cousin nick was too cool to swim


birthday wish

cutting the cake


look at all my presents!

daddy and i recapping the week during breakfast this morn