stuntin like my daddy

stuntin like my daddy

Sunday, October 4, 2009

i am two!!!

my birthday was this past wednesday...mommy and daddy took some time off of work to take me to the state fair of texas! i had a really good time! my favorite part was the petting zoo...there i got to see all kinds of animals from goats to pigs we saw them all...i got to feed them and pet them! next we got to do the Little Hands on the Farm exhibit. there i got to pick fruits, feed chickens, milk cows, plant seeds, and at the end i got money for all my hard work...i used that money to buy me some fruit snacks at the general store they had there! i can't wait to come back!

mouse vs. goat

feeding the camel

look at all the animals!!!

this is fun!

the baby piglets were getting milk from the mommy pigs armpit!

soo many goats!

mommy cow x vincent piggy

picking peaches

feeding chickens

harvesting veggies

tractor trailor

carnival games!

soo much to see!


this is what mommy comes to the fair for

when we got home we got a video from the dinh girls wishing me a happy birthday! thanks girls!

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