stuntin like my daddy

stuntin like my daddy

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

1 year old!!!!

well its official! a whole year has past and now i don't have to tell people that i am so and so months old anymore...i can just say ONE!!! last year around this time i was still in the hospital...mommy and daddy were nervous about taking me home and caring for me...but i knew that they would be good parents!

anyhow...mommy and daddy took the day off of work to spend time with me on my birthday...we got to go to the fort worth zoo! i had a really good time...i got to see lots and lots of animals...thanks mommy and daddy for the fun filled day!

check out the animals i saw today:

some kid scared my bird away!


new friend

high five

mommy combs the goats hair!


Sunday, September 28, 2008

birthday party!!!

mommy and daddy threw a birthday party for me today at the Incredible Pizza Company! i had lots of family and friends come help me celebrate my very first birthday...i had a great time! i want to thank everyone who came to celebrate this day with me! if birthdays are always this fun...i wish everyday was my birthday!

happy birthday to me!

i got to go watch anh nick play soccer on saturday

my family

cupcakes provided by sugar lush! can you see louie?

thanks everyone for the wonderful gifts!

click on the logo to check out uncle peter and aunt bevs cupcakes

Thursday, September 25, 2008

jason witten vs vincent mouse

last weekend was the first time i got to spend the night at na-nay and ta-tay's cooked breakfast in the morning and we had a good time! tomorrow night i'm staying at ong/ba noi's house...we are gonna have some more fun! mommy and daddy are trying to get me used to staying with the grandparents so they can have date nights again!

so the circuit city by our house opened today...and jason witten of the dallas cowboys was there for a guest appearance...after work daddy came home and said "lets go see jason witten!" daddy puts my romo jersey on for me...and when we got out there the line was wrapped around the shopping center! boo! so we decided to go to the park...i got to go on a slide and swing in a swing! it was super duper fun! i guess jason witten will have to wait to meet me next time...

i love it when na-nay pulls louie and i around the house

ong noi reads to me

at the park with mommy

swing time!

we shoulda brought louie

swings are fun!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

relaxing sunday

today we got to have lunch with some friends that we haven't seen in awhile...after lunch we went to visit na-nay and ta-tay's assisted living facility i got to meet some of the residence there they were really nice to me! the rest of the day was spent hanging out with louie and mommy, while daddy watched football...till next time!

co su and drew

co bea and joshua

just like louie

fun with louie

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

baby bananas in hawaii

well we are back home...and it feels good to be home! i had a rough plane ride home...i was soo restless daddy had to take me to the back of the plane for most of the plane ride...i got to play with all the pretty flight attendants...they were really nice to me and even let me push some lighted buttons in the back of the plane...

while on vacation we ate alot of bananas for breakfast and lunch...we even saw some growing on banana tree's...mommy made up this song while we were eating bananas one morning:

baby bananas in ha-wa-ii
you taste so yummy in our tu-um-my
we eat them for breakfast...we eat them for lunch
daddy bought us some in a bunch
baby bananas...oh baby bananas
baby bananas in ha-wa-ii!

this song is sang to the baby beluga tune

baby bananas!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

last day

well its been fun hawaii...we had a good time here...thanks uncle tuan, aunt dana, baby jake, mommy, and daddy for the great time! hope we can do it again soon...

uss arizona memorial at pearl harbor

ramen noodles are yummers

good bye hawaii!

Friday, September 5, 2008


daddy uploaded some videos from yesterday...enjoy!

playing in the sand

rescue me vincent!

Hanauma Bay

yesterday was a nice and relaxing day...we stayed at the beach pretty much all day...we went to hanauma bay...there mommy, daddy, uncle tuan, and aunt dana got to go snorkeling...jake and i did some swimming and played in the sand...i took a was fun...for dinner we went to a japanese noodle place called ramen was super yummy! after that we did a lil shopping down the strip...only a couple more days in paradise...see everyone soon!



fruit stand in chinatown

mangosteen! mommy and daddys favorite

honolulu zoo


hanauma bay

mommy hearts jake

beach nap

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

video updates

beach fun

conveyer belt sushi

fun in the sun

mouse here, reporting from honolulu hawaii...these past two days have been really fun...we got to go to two different beaches, the first one was wakiki beach and the second was waimea bay beach...the drive to waimea bay beach was really pretty...we stopped by this little hawaiian cafe called hukilau cafe...there they served stuff like spam and eggs with fried rice...just like how mommy makes it at home...yummy! we also got to go to the dole pineapple plantation...i got the ride on a train called the pineapple express and we toured the plantation...well thats all for now...more updates later!

meet my new friend sebastian

baby jake

our view every morn

we stopped at this fruit stand to buy yummy papaya and pineapples

mommy and i chillin in the beach tent

this man sells shrimp from his shrimp bus

pineapple x mouse

pineapple heads

sour pineapple

Monday, September 1, 2008

yuckin it up

good times

aloha everyone

well we made it here to hawaii...the flight was a piece of cake...jake and i did super good on the plane...i slept for most of the flight and so did jake...when we got here we got pretty flower lei's...well thats all for now...ill update everyone tomorrow...hope everyone enjoys their labor day!



mommy and i hanging out at the mcdonalds in the airport


jake is chillin on the plane

mommy and i

chips are yummy

we got lei'd

i met a new friend