stuntin like my daddy

stuntin like my daddy

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

baby bananas in hawaii

well we are back home...and it feels good to be home! i had a rough plane ride home...i was soo restless daddy had to take me to the back of the plane for most of the plane ride...i got to play with all the pretty flight attendants...they were really nice to me and even let me push some lighted buttons in the back of the plane...

while on vacation we ate alot of bananas for breakfast and lunch...we even saw some growing on banana tree's...mommy made up this song while we were eating bananas one morning:

baby bananas in ha-wa-ii
you taste so yummy in our tu-um-my
we eat them for breakfast...we eat them for lunch
daddy bought us some in a bunch
baby bananas...oh baby bananas
baby bananas in ha-wa-ii!

this song is sang to the baby beluga tune

baby bananas!


JacobLe said...

hey cuz, i miss hanging out in hawaii

Endren, Caohien, and Collin said...

welcome home! maybe you can sing the song for us next time!