stuntin like my daddy

stuntin like my daddy

Thursday, October 2, 2008

first cut

i got my first hair cut yesterday! thanks to chu bao...i am looking super fly! daddy still thinks my hair is still a lil too long...but mommy and i love it! thanks again uncle pete!

i dont have any pictures of the finished product yet...but ill post them as soon as daddy takes some pictures!

well we are leaving once again...this time we are spending the weekend in baltimore...will update everyone once we get there...but for now i gotta get ready for bed...till next time...


vincent mouse

chu bao in action

trim a lil here

and a lil there


uncle quanglez said...

hes goin to look so handsome like his daddy

Tessa & Avery Lee said...

Wow! Vincent, you're so brave! We can't wait to see your new cut in person! Have fun in Baltimore!
Love, Tess & Avery

Uncle Peter said...

you were a very good boy while you were getting your haircut gotta come back so i can put some finishing touches to it...