stuntin like my daddy

stuntin like my daddy

Thursday, October 23, 2008

mouse vs scarecrow

last year around this time mommy and daddy took me to see my first pumpkin patch...i was barely a month we got to go to the same pumpkin patch...there we picked out a couple of pumpkins so we can carve this weekend...i can't wait for that! mommy and daddy have been looking for a cool haloween costume for me but they can't decide on what they want for me to wear...leave me a comment and give me some ideas or let me know what your gonna be!

last year

pumpkins everywhere!

pumpkin minis

mouse vs scarecrow


Anonymous said...

Wow! How baby Vincent has grown! Now we are to call him Vincent boy.


Chi Nhi in Toronto

reiken said...

wow, you were only the size of a pumpkin last year! hopefully you didn't buy the pumpkin by the scarecrow... that gives mommy the heebeejeebees!

Drew said...

you sure have grown since last halloween! mommy says you'll be a cutie patutie in any costume!!