stuntin like my daddy

stuntin like my daddy

Friday, October 31, 2008

winner...winner...chicken dinner!

and the 2008 pumpkin carving champ is daddy! we had a great turn out at the voting polls...and boy was it a close race! here are the results:

daddy - shogun - 6 votes
the trans - dora - 5 votes
uncle john - dragon - 5 votes
mommy\me - spider web - 5 votes
aunt bev\reagan witch brew - 5 votes
uncle peter\lauren - crossbones - 4 votes
uncle ha - darth vader - 1 vote

since we had soo much fun...daddy is already planning the 2009 get your carving skills all have exactly one year to the mean time go vote for my buddy collins carving contest here

congrats daddy!

louie and i are getting ready for some trick or treating

fred flinstone x snow white

happy halloween!

fred "twinkle toes" flinstone


Endren, Caohien, and Collin said...

congrats daddy le. shogun is pretty cool! can't wait to carve pumpkins next year. hope you had fun trick or treating.

reiken said...

congrats daddy le! daddy won the contest up here too! it was fun, we'll have to go trick or treatin nxt yr!!

Anonymous said...

I smell a C-O-N-SPIRACY.