stuntin like my daddy

stuntin like my daddy

Sunday, October 21, 2007

three weeks old

whew! what a weekend...this weekend i finally got to meet my great grandparents! they are sooo nice and sooo cool...too bad aunt tammie, aunt amy, and her family could'nt make the trip...but there will be next time! anyhow, grandma heisch made me an awesome quilt...i love it! on sunday my daddy watched football all day...we also had some aunts and uncles come by to visit me for the first time! all in all it was a fun filled weekend...well its almost feeding are some videos and pictures from the past weekend:


donald duck???

sydney does some tai chi

great grandma

great grandpa

smile everyone

ba noi

ong noi

great grandma heisch made this awesome quilt for me!

love you great grandma!

mommy, co vy, and i

love you mommy

co sam, sydney, co van, mommy, and i

chu vinh and co anh came by too!

is that louie or sydney?


i love you sydney

na-nay came by on friday

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Uncle Quang said...

Sydney is a trained can get her to do anything for some that the actual voice of Donald duck too