stuntin like my daddy

stuntin like my daddy

Thursday, October 11, 2007

second week on earth

hi friends and family! this has been a pretty looong week for me...yesterday i had a bunch of visitors come over just to see me! lets see...first uncle kobe brought over some popeyes fried chicken for mommy and daddy, then uncle san and uncle realtor came over to hang came bac phuong and the boys...bac thao also passed by...marky and cydnee also came over with uncle matt and auntie vy and ba noi passed by for a bit too! by the end of the day i was exhausted and i kept mommy and daddy up all night...i went to the hospital today to get some kind of pku test...and boy did that hurt...he pricked me in my heel! when we got home na-nay and auntie ghalie came by for a bit...well thats all for now gonna go for another nap


uncle "cu-by" and i


ba noi and nick

the fetalsana's

marky finally gave in and gave me a kiss =)

cydnee and me!

i got my pku test today and it hurt!

nick and mark playing with the wii

marky's hands are tired

nick counting in spanish "ocho cinco"

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Uncle QA said...

nick keeps counting ocho cinco .... ima drop by tomorrow and visit for a bit