stuntin like my daddy

stuntin like my daddy

Saturday, October 6, 2007


today i got lots and lots of rest and so did my mommy and daddy...well life in this world aint all that bad so far...i pretty much just sleep, eat, make dirty diapers, and sleep my daddy got a chance to go take louie for a walk/jog around the neighborhood...daddy says that he thinks louie is still gettin used to me being around so he is really confused about whats going on at the le household...mommy got a chance to pay some bills and catch up on some work while i rested...uncle qa stopped by the house to visit me for a bit since he didn't get to see me much when we were in the hospital...well im going to see my ba noi and ong noi tomorrow...and to see my na-nay and ta-tay on sunday...till then

this is my "moses" basket that i sleep in

uncle quang

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