stuntin like my daddy

stuntin like my daddy

Saturday, August 30, 2008

here we go again

its official...i am 11 months old today! man has time flown by fast...this time last year i was still in my mommys belly...and today i can do many things on my own...i like to venture off around the house on my own...i can get to places pretty fast by crawling...mommy and daddy has taught me to clap my hands on command...i can even feed myself my own little snacks...well enough about me...our little family is getting ready to embark on another trip this weekend...and we are spending the rest of the week in oahu, hawaii! this will my my 4th round trip flight on a plane...but this time the plane ride will be 9 hours instead of the usual 3 to 4 hour flight...i hope i do well on it...joining us will be uncle tuan, aunt dana, and cousin jake...i know we will have a blast! keep checking the blog as i will be posting updates on our trip...see everyone when we get back!

vincent mouse

ta-tay showing me how to pick up the ladies

ba noi took off work to watch me this week

chu ha came by to visit

getting ready to go on vacation!

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