stuntin like my daddy

stuntin like my daddy

Sunday, August 10, 2008

congrats mommy mouse!

as you all may know we have been in orlando since friday night...we have been hanging out and exploring the city...mommy has a work conference starting tomorrow so daddy and i are going to do some more exploring...mommy found out tonight...that she won rep of the year again this year! so her and daddy have a fun trip to costa rica sometime later this year...mommy and daddy say that i bring luck to our family! daddy said that its because i was born in the year of the golden pig...i think its true! well ill see everyone when we make it back to texas!


vinny mouse

to infinity and beyond!

i finally got my mouse ears

naked mouse!

more pictures to come...


jacob said...

Congrats Aunt Trisha....Mouse looks like so cool in his mouse ears...

E&C said...

good job mommy mouse!

the mouse ears looks cute with the mouse teef!

Drew said...

yay...congrats mommy mouse! we love the mouse ears vinny mouse!