stuntin like my daddy

stuntin like my daddy

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

thanksgiving weekend

happy thanksgiving everyone! i hope everyone had a good thanksgiving...cause i sure did! thursday was spent at na-nay and ta-tays house for lunch then we went to uncle matts and auntie charmaines for dinner...on friday we went to ong ba nois house and ate again! the rest of the weekend was spent with auntie nhi and cousin zaina...we were super busy all weekend going from one place to another...we finally got some rest on sunday...till next time!

thanksgiving outfit to na-nay and ta-tays

this is what i wore to ong ba nois house

i ate too much turkey

the sweckers made it in from chi-town

co trang where is chu bao at?

nice to have finally met you zaina!

cousin zaina came all the way from toronto

co an stopped by on her way back to school...she gonna be a doctor one day!

uncle san and aunt grace

im gettin sleepy

im asleep

i heart louie

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