stuntin like my daddy

stuntin like my daddy

Sunday, November 18, 2007

fun with pillow shams

i had a fun weekend...we spent the day in frisco visiting with some family...i got to play with baby tessa and uncle tuan taught me about pillow shams! on our way home we stopped by the mall and i got to meet was late so i was grumpy and so was santa! mommy and daddy took me to costco today and we did some grocery shopping...the rest of day was spent watching the cowboys win! hope everyone has a good thanksgiving week.

bac phuong and matthew came by on friday after their school field trip

tessa is soo cute

hey uncle bryan...i have a question!

uncle tuan you need some practice

now thats how you hold me uncle tuan

baby tessa let me sit in her exersaucer

santa didn't smile so i didn't either!

1 comment:

Tom, Sandra and Chelsea said...

The baby/family is beautiful but where did you find that grumpy looking Santa?