stuntin like my daddy

stuntin like my daddy

Monday, May 25, 2009


we had several visitors come visit with us this weekend...first was great grandma heisch and aunt amy...we got to go to dinner with them on thursday night and they got me some good books for me to was auntie nhi and cousin zaina from toronto...they stayed with us till this morning...we ate bunches of crawfish over the weekend i loved going to the park with cousin zaina and we got to go to the dallas world aquarium and the fort worth zoo too! yesterday we enjoyed a day of swimming at auntie du's pool! it was a super fun filled weekend! i am going to miss all my visitors this past week...i hope we can visit again soon!

great gma and auntie amy

dinosaur bones!

so fun!


are you in the aquarium daddy?

fun to feed birds!

zaina x baby elephant x vincent


relaxing in the hammock

the water is super cold

zoo fun!

wake up zaina!

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Tessa and Avery Lee said...

Hey Buddy! You look like you had a ton of fun this past weekend! We went to the Ft. Worth zoo too! Maybe we can get our parents to bring us again! We miss you! Love, Tess & Avery