stuntin like my daddy

stuntin like my daddy

Thursday, January 8, 2009

holiday recap

wow what a holiday! it seems like its been forever since i have posted anything on here...we have been super busy this past holiday season and i have sooo much to tell everyone...first off i hope everyone had a good Christmas and a happy new for my fam, we had some really good start things off daddy had 3 weeks off of work so mommy, daddy, and i spent alot of time was fun being able to wake up and daddy is there to feed me breakfast and give mommy a break from the morning duties! we did lots and lots of shopping and hung out with lots of family! we even had visitors from afar come visit us...first was chu vu from california, he drove 20 hours from los angeles just to come visit us for a couple of came chu hy, co lisa, and baby (to be named) do...they flew in from toronto for a whole lisa was craving crawfish so we took them to the boiling crab and ate there twice! yummers! on daddys last week home we got to fly out to las vegas with na-nay and ta-tay! i enjoyed seeing all the cool lights and buildings out in sin city...well thats all for now...

ta-tay and i

basketball at kuya marks bday

opening gifts with ong/ba noi

sharing toys!

this is fun!

le family Christmas 2008

na-nay, ta-tay, and i

santa, i was good all year!

we get down

chu vu

jonah came by too!

canadians and me

"uncle" chau

happy new years!

wynn hotel with mommy and daddy

viva las vegas


JacobLe said...

hey cuz, we need to get together and kick it soon. How was vegas? did you learn to shoot dice yet?

sugarlushcupcakes said...

I can't wait to see you Vincent! You tell your mom and dad they need to come over so Lauren and Reagan can play with you!
we love you

Uncle Peter said...

looks like you had lots of fun buddy!!! who hit you up wit da chilli bowl??? looks like uncle peter is gonna have to re-texturize haha...j/k see ya soon love ya!