stuntin like my daddy

stuntin like my daddy

Thursday, December 18, 2008

santa claus

hey everyone! well Christmas time is almost here...and i can't believe that a year has seems like everything just fast forwarded to present day! last year, around this time i was barely 2 months old! now i can walk, make animal sounds, say various words...i can feed myself yummy snacks, and i love to wrestle with my doggy louie...i also love it when mommy and daddy read to me! we read all kinds of books together...from books about puppys to books about trucks...i love to hear all the stories!

check me out with santa last year

santa and i 2008

my homies in co thao's studio

been meaning to post these:


Uncle Peter said...

i love the pics buddy...i hope you have the best christmas ever...see you soon i love you...

Tessa and Avery Lee said...

You're such a good boy! My girls won't sit for Santa! We can't wait to see you again! Love, Tita Erika

reiken said...

thanks for coming up vincent, i had tons of fun! oh, and santa looks much nicer this year so hope you get everything you wanted and then some!!