stuntin like my daddy

stuntin like my daddy

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

mommy and daddy

well its wednesday and i am having a good time hanging out with my grandparents! at times i miss mommy and daddy...but my grandparents spoil me soo much...sometimes i just forget that they aren't here with me...anyhow mommy and daddy are having a good time in costa rica...daddy said there was an earthquake close to there early this morning but they didn't feel are some pictures mommy and daddy sent me:

los suenos marriott resort

mommy and daddy

mommy found a cave

mommy and daddy on a catamaran

c is for crab! daddy found this hermit crab and named him hermie

mommy likes oyster ceviche!

daddy's turn

wild pigs


iguana's are everywhere!

can't wait till i can eat this!


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Nitima Sood said...

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Drew said...

how fun!! we sure wish we can go to costa rica!

Collin said...

wish we were there!

Jan Trang said...

what an adventure! can't wait to hear about it!