stuntin like my daddy

stuntin like my daddy

Sunday, November 16, 2008

long week ahead

well this coming week mommy and daddy are going on vacation...but this time i don't get to go with them...ill be staying at home with the grandparents...i will miss them bunches...but i know ill have fun spending time with na-nay/ta-tay and ong/ba noi and co vy as they split the baby sitting duties...hope you have fun mommy and daddy and don't forget to bring me a souvenir from costa rica...see you on friday!

bundled up on a cold saturday morning

wrestling with louie

ill miss you mommy and daddy!


Collin said...

have fun in costa rica!

JacobLe said...

hope you have a good time cau viet and co trisha

Syd and Nate said...

Have fun Auntie and Uncle...we will see you when you get back. Love Syd Syd and Nate Dog

reiken said...

have fun chu viet & co trisha! and don't be too sad vinnie, your mommy & daddy will be home before you know it!

arzed said...

was blog hopping, hope you'll do the same