stuntin like my daddy

stuntin like my daddy

Sunday, February 10, 2008

weekend of fun

whew! what a busy weekend it was for started on thursday night when na-nay and ta-tay came over to watch me while mom and dad went out for dinner to celebrate their four year aniversary...then on friday night we went over to ong ba noi's house for new years dinner...there was alot of yummy food! cousin nick came over and spent the night at our house...we had alot of fun! he helped feed me and bathe me...saturday we drove all the way up to plano to visit chu danny, co thao, and their new baby boy, reiken...he is sooo cute! (like me) today we pretty much stayed home...nick came over to play for a bit and some of daddys friends came over just to hang out...well here are some pictures of the eventful weekend:

i got some li xi for new years!
our neighbor mr. gary and mrs. karen got this outfit for me!

hi aunt endren and uncle ch

nice to meet you reiken!

stuntin like his daddy
nick was helping me eat
uncle tj came by on fri to help daddy with his satelite dish.

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