stuntin like my daddy

stuntin like my daddy

Sunday, July 13, 2008

weddings are fun!

ever since i was in mommy's womb...mommy and daddy has taken me to many weddings...i've flown out of the country for uncle hy and aunt lisa's big day...i've been chu danny and co thao's, uncle tuan and aunt dana's just to mention a few...and we continue to go to weddings after i am born...yesterday was uncle john and aunt kelly's wedding day and i had a blast...this time i got to dance and even took a lil nap at the reception...hope everyone has a good week!

louie and i yuckin it up

wedding outfit

louie and i are dressed to impress

mouse vs chu kobe

mouse vs co kt

i love my family

ladies man

mommy x mouse x co quyen

mouse vs co vy

ta-tay loves me!

le's vs fetelsana's

shake it like a salt shaker

help! the men in black are kidnapping me!

good night everyone!

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E&C said...

cute outfit vincent! love the shades too.