stuntin like my daddy

stuntin like my daddy

Monday, May 26, 2008

memorial day weekend

daddy had a 4 day weekend this week...and we had bunches of fun. on friday daddy and i put together a leap frog play set and a super yard xt so that i can play in. my ong ba noi and co vy brought steaks over that night for dinner...on saturday we went to uncle james and auntie adeles wedding. i got to see my na-nay and ta-tay i had a good time but by the end of the day i was soo exhausted...then on sunday we got to go swimming at sydneys is monday and we are gonna go do some shopping and go visit with chu bao and co trang later on...

i hope everyone had a good memorial day weekend!


vincent mouse

louie and i in the super yard xt

thanks tessa for the leap frog play set

hi ba noi

my wedding outfit

co vy and i

swimming is fun with sydney

nothing like watermelon after a good swim

swimming is fun!


E&C said...

good swimming and splashing vincent!

Chau said...

aw how cute! vinny's kicking his legs.. haha i can't believe uncle kobe can swim now.. i remember when he almost drowned me by trying to save himself in like a 6 ft deep pool. how rude.